Your starting point Tunisia, El Jem is located at (35.3, 10.7167). We … Geographic Half Way (Midpoint) distance between these places . La distance entre ces deux points est 210 km, estimation du temps 2 heures 34 minutes. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Tunis to Monastir, It … When we drive from Tunis to Sousse it is about 1h30. Find the distance from Sfax to Mahdia, the estimated travel time with the impact of road traffic in real time, as well as the cost of your journey (toll charges and fuel costs). Distance information is flight distance as a line. Train-bus link: Tunis-Gabes - Mareth - Médenine - Ghomrassen - … 230 Kilometres approximately. See distance to other cities from Mahdia – Tunisia measured in kilometers (km), miles and nautical miles and their local time. Mahdia hotels map is available on the target page linked above. Despite its relatively small size that is about the size of the US state of Wisconsin, Tunisia's north-south extent lends it great environmental diversity. ViaMichelin vous indique la distance exacte à parcourir entre Monastir et Mahdia, en fonction de l’itinéraire emprunté. Trains are comfortable, modern and air-conditioned. It connects the main railway line Tunis-Sousse -Sfax -Gabès to the main cities of the island of Djerba (Houmt Essouk - El May - Midoune), the biggest tourist attractions in the country. A small hideaway city at the mediterranean sea. Le temps de conduite sera approximativement de . Travel Report on Mahdia by esfahani. See Mahdia photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Mahdia in Tunisia. MAHDIA PALACE THALASSO & KNEIPP BP 134, Zone Touristique, 5100, Mahdia - TUNISIA Tél : (216) 73 683 777 /Fax : (216) 73 683 810 Email: Train times, fares & tickets... Tunis - Carthage - Marsa Airport Transfers to Mahdia from Monastir (MIR) or Tunis (TUN) You can also try a different route while coming back by adding multiple destinations. The geographic midpoint between Mahdia and Jacksonville is in 2,589.06 mi (4,166.68 km) distance between both points in a bearing of 296.76°. The Tunisian Railways (SNCFT) are easily the best way to travel between Tunis, Sousse, El Jem, Sfax and Gabès. The return distance between Tunis to Mahdia is 211 Km. Check the value and select between results suggested. Distance: 3 Km from the centre of the city, 55 Km from "Skanes-Monastir airport", 35 Km from the Coliseum "El Jem. This property is 2 minutes walk from the beach. Find and book deals on the best cheap hotels in Mahdia, Tunisia! How far between El Jem to Souassi? Distance… Calculate distance between two cities in the world (free, with map). Train-bus link: Tunis-Gabès- Djerba = 8h10mn. This place is situated in Mahdia, Region 5, Tunisia, its geographical coordinates are 35° 30' 17" North, 11° 3' 44" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Mahdia. For those interested in checking out popular landmarks while visiting Mahdia, LTI Mahdia Beach Hotel is located a short distance from Mahdia's Old Town (2.8 mi) and Fort Ottoman Borj El Kebir (3.0 mi). Distance: 3 Km from the centre of the city, 55 Km from "Skanes-Monastir airport", 35 Km from the Coliseum "El Jem. Itinéraire TUNIS TUNISIE Mahdia, Tunisie. Distance: 250,75 km. The initial bearing on the course from Mahdia to Jacksonville is 296.76° and the compass direction is WNW. The best way to travel long distance is through using the train network, which is relatively good. Distance from El May to Mahdia 118.22 miles 190.25 Kilometres . Situated in Tunis, on the famous Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Hotel Africa Tunis is a 15-minute drive from Tunis-Carthage Airport. Looking for transport for the 144.1 mile drive between Tunis–Carthage airport and Mahdia? Midpoint: 43.15025,-37.05993. So I would guess you have to think about 2 h transfer time cause the bus will drive quicker then we do. This map and route are for information purposes only, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness. Shuttles, taxis, minibus and executive transfers. The World's #1 Choice for Booking Accommodations $ Loading Pick your preferred language. There is also a branch line from Sousse to Monastir and Mahdia, and several other routes. Tunis (Arabic: تونس ‎ Tūnis) is the capital and largest city of Tunisia.The greater metropolitan area of Tunis, often referred to as "Grand Tunis", has about 2,700,000 inhabitants. Safe online bookings without fees Excellent reputation Value for money Door-to-door service Airport near Mahdia, Al Mahdiyah, Tunisia, Neraest airports around Mahdia, Al Mahdiyah, Tunisia are displayed on map with air distances. I think it is about 200 kilometer from Tunis to Mahdia.. Big part of it is along the highway. The transport company retains absolute discretion to choose the route to your destination. Consult the schedules of departures and arrivals of mainline trains. Advertise or find unique houses, villas, apartments & land for rent. ... Tunis Carthage Airport (TUN) to Hammamet distance. Tunis Carthage Airport (TUN) to Mahdia distance. 143 Miles approximately. On a budget? It offers soundproofed and air-conditioned rooms with panoramic views over the city. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Tūnis and Monastir is 128 km= 80 miles.. While in Mahdia be sure to experience nearby French restaurants such as Vitamin Sea. Vous pouvez également trouver la distance de Tunis et Mahdia via Mahdia en utilisant d'autres options de voyage comme bus, métro, tram, train et train. Distance from Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport to Mahdia is 52.8 miles / 84.9 kilometers. If you are driving to Mahdia Beach, free parking is available. ViaMichelin vous accompagne dans la détermination du meilleur itinéraire pour vous au travers de différentes options et vous propose par défaut 2 à 3 itinéraires dont le coût, la distance et le temps varient. Check map from Tunis to Mahdia for clear directions! Le point médian du trajet se trouve aux coordonnées suivantes : . Infos about a short trip to africa. Whether you are staying in Tunis, Mahdia, the Carthage Coast, or anywhere else in Tunisia, you are bound to experience the wonderful culture and climate Tunisia has to offer. Itinéraire routier Généré le entre TUNIS TUNISIE et Mahdia, Tunisie. Your ending point Tunisia, Souassi is located at (35.35, 10.55) Total distance from El Jem to Souassi is 16.11 kms. The property also boasts a pool and free breakfast. Origin not known. La distance entre Tunis et Mahdia via Mahdia est de 221 Km par la route. 46 Miles approximately. Tunis Carthage Airport (TUN) transfer to Hammamet Complete the search form to find the best transport prices in Hammamet. Pick-up location. Distance Calculator. La distance la plus courte (à vol d'oiseau) entre Mahdia et Tunis est de 250,75 km. This mixture of modernism and tradition, associated with the harmony of colours and style is worthy to the warmth of this jewel of the city of Mahdia. Tunisia property for rent listings. From Tunis to Sousse - Monastir - Mahdia - Sfax - Gabes – Gafsa to Tozeur and Suburbs Of Nabeul The entrance to Mahdia's medina (old town) is through the mighty Skifa el Kahla (Black Gate), sometimes also called Bab Zouila.. If you are driving to Lti Beach Mahdia, free parking is available. Cheap hotels easy on your wallet! Distances are measured using a direct path, as the crow flies and the compass direction is shown as well. Distance from Ez Zahra to Mahdia 95.53 miles 153.74 Kilometres . Last minute air tickets to Tunesia starting from about 120 Euro (from Germany) – so it’s a good opportunity leaving work for a couple of days. Tunisia is a North African country with a total area of 163,610 sq. This mixture of modernism and tradition, associated with the harmony of colours and style is worthy to the warmth of this jewel of the city of Mahdia. Distance Between Tunisia cities, distance of cities listed on map, mileage distances are in kilometers and miles. Trajet par route: -- (- ) D'après le planificateur d'itinéraire, le trajet le plus court entre Mahdia et Tunis est de . km and a coastline of 1,148 km on the Mediterranean Sea to the north. 16.11 kms equals to 10.01 miles and 8.69 nautical miles.. The gatehouse, with its 44-meter-long entrance passage, was formerly incorporated in the 175-meter-long town walls that crossed the peninsula and is one of Mahdia's most impressive architectural attractions. Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport is located approximately 16.0 miles / 25.7 kilometers northwest of Akouda and about 17.5 miles / 28.1 kilometers northwest of Hammam Sousse. Explore guest reviews and book the perfect cheap hotel for your trip. Recherchez des commerces et des services de proximité, affichez des plans et calculez des itinéraires routiers dans Google Maps. edit; The Résidence Tunis, BP 697, 2070, Gamarth, Tunisia, ☎ +216 71 910 101, . Book airport transfers to Mahdia. As of 2020, it is the fourth-largest city in the Maghreb region (after Casablanca and Algiers and Tripoli) and the sixteenth-largest in the Arab world.. For those interested in checking out popular landmarks while visiting Mahdia, LTI Mahdia Beach Hotel is located a short distance from Mahdia's Old … Distance from Medenine to Mahdia 151.89 miles 244.45 Kilometres Medenine's estimated population as of 2012 was >> 500,000 Towns Near Medenine Along with it, estimate Travel time from Tunis to Mahdia to calculate the time you will spend travelling.